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How to use hearing loss to improve your quality of life

How to use hearing loss to improve your quality of life

Date: 1 December 2020 | By: hearinglogic

Hearing loss happens to most people at some point in their lives but how we deal with it can hugely affect the impact on our lifestyle longer-term.

One of the first ways to improve your life once you have recognised you have hearing loss, is through acceptance.

Accepting you have hearing loss can be a major turning point for some people as when it is age related (presbycusis), the loss comes on over time so you develop coping mechanisms such as turning the TV up or learning to lip read.

Once you have acknowledged that you have a hearing loss, you can seek guidance and should congratulate yourself of this recognition as it is the first step to taking control of your future health.

We are not very keen on the term ‘loss’, as although you have lost some of your ‘original’ hearing ability you now have EVERYTHING to gain.

After acceptance that you have noticed changes to your hearing, you have many options available to you so that you maximise your quality of life and also, benefit those around you too.  It can be hard living with someone with hearing loss especially if they refuse to accept it. It can create friction over every day, simple tasks such as listening to music or talking from room to room in the house.

You can choose to find a hearing professional who you trust such as Peter at Hearing Logic.  The person you choose should prioritise your lifestyle and hearing journey above all else.  This person needs to be completely focused on YOU and your needs and not driven by a particular type of technology to assist you.

Peter and his team are completely independent and take great pride in putting the client (you) at the heart of the entire hearing journey.  For Hearing Logic, your hearing health is not about technology or sales speak, it is about protecting your residual hearing for future and giving you the chance to live your life exactly as you want to.

It is vital you stay in control of your hearing journey at all times, these are YOUR ears, it is your life and your future.

Next, you get to the exciting bit! You can choose technology to support your daily life if your Audiologist recommends that you have a pair of devices to support your hearing and maximise it for future.

The technology available now, privately, is superb and extremely innovative.  If you choose to start (or continue) your hearing healthcare with us, Peter will recommend a solution that meets your lifestyle needs and then you can tailor this over time so that you are making the most of every social situation and enjoying every single moment of life with people you care about around you.

For more information on how to maximise YOUR hearing journey, contact us today HERE or by calling Peter and the team on 01482 651721