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Will you struggle to hear well, as we start 2021?

Will you struggle to hear well, as we start 2021?

Date: 14 December 2020 | By: hearinglogic

At Hearing Logic, we work with our patients every day to make sure that their lifestyle needs are met through better hearing and hearing care.

Hearing well, especially over important dates and seasons throughout the year, is about more than just your ears alone.  Hearing well allows you to feel better and be less tired overall with a closer connection to those around you.

Peter, our lead hearing care professional and Director, has spoken to our patients and noted 4 simple ways you can maximise your hearing by keeping your brain healthy too.  We hope these help you over the coming months but if you would like to book a priority hearing test or ear wax removal appointment in January, please get in touch now to avoid waiting.

Improved health is not just about diet and exercise as we have said, it is also about sleep and overall health too. Just as you look after your teeth and your eyes you should also look after your hearing as it is part of your connection to the world.


The lack of good hearing can make you increase the load on your brain which can also create accelerated cognitive decline. As hearing care professionals, we ensure that our patients are set up to live their lives as they wish to and stay as active and positive as they have always been.


From our experience we have identified these simple things you can do to try and give yourself good brain health and better health all-round for your future.


Stay active

Staying active is a key part of good health as it creates mobility and often allows you to have fresh air, enjoy the outdoors or interact with others all in one go. You can stay active by just simply moving more, walking outdoors and taking in nature, playing golf or other sports and generally just making sure that you lead less of a sedentary lifestyle where possible.

Interact with others 

We are built to need and want other humans and these are key to our growth, feeling of belonging and overall significance in life. Interaction during a pandemic is obviously more challenging but contact with others can challenge perspectives and bring us joy. Face-to-face social contact is often not possible and therefore it is necessary to find other ways to interact for example over a phone call or video call or meeting outside at a safe social distance.


Learn to hear well 

It may be something you haven’t considered but if you have lost some of your hearing over time, you need to learn to hear well again and remind your brain what it is like to have two good hearing inputs.


You can learn to hear well by seeing a highly qualified hearing care professional such as Peter here at hearing Logic. You can listen to the radio or television on a daily basis and see what you can and can’t hear. You can engage in conversation with people and recognise that if you are missing parts of the conversation you should seek professional advice on how to improve your hearing and therefore improve your brain health and overall quality of life.


You can take online hearing tests which will give you a very basic idea of how well you can hear but the ideal situation is to go and see a hearing care professional and get a full hearing test so that you can have a look at all of the options to help you hear better. If you would like to explore your better hearing options with us please get in touch today.


Hearing well can keep listening effort low and improve your daily life by reducing fatigue and keeping you involved in every conversation. Hearing aid technology is now far superior to anything you may remember from the past. You can now live your daily life without having to fiddle with buttons or think about your hearing every second of the day.


For more ways to reduce the load on your brain, and look after your general health both mental and physical please get in touch with us and we would be happy to help.


If you have any questions about your hearing as we start 2021 please do not hesitate to ask.