Hearing Tests

Using the latest testing equipment we provide a comprehensive hearing test.

People often think that wearing hearing aids is a sign of getting older, in our experience, if you need them, improving your hearing can actually keep you feeling younger!

Hearing tests are free of charge, if we find you don’t have a hearing loss, we will explain your results and your appointment will finish there. If you do have a hearing loss we will continue by explaining your hearing aid options.

  • The first thing we will do is listen to you, we will want to understand what you enjoy doing and how you feel about your hearing in different situations..
  • We will ask questions about your general health and check the health of your ears.
  • We will then complete full audiometric testing and explain the results.
  • If you have a hearing loss, where appropriate we will programme some hearing aids so you can try them and experience the difference they will make.
  • If you find hearing aids make a real improvement we can discuss the different styles available to you. Don't worry If you want hearing aids to be your little secret we have the most invisible options available.
  • Then we can talk you through technology levels and prices, we can make recommendations but ultimately the final choice is yours. Options include rechargeable and Bluetooth connectivity.

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    Why choose Peter Hunsley at Hearing Logic?

    Peter qualified over 20 years ago and he is registered with the Health & Care Professions Council. He worked for two of the national hearing care providers, most recently in a Management capacity for Boots Hearing Care before setting up independently with Hearing Logic Ltd in 2017. He now feels he is able to spend more time with each patient, offer a more personalised service and give more independent advice.
    We know that visiting a clinical setting can be an anxious experience for some people, we offer a friendly welcome and make sure you feel at ease. Our services include;
    • Free hearing tests
    • Ear wax removal by microsuction and irrigation
    • Hearing aids include free lifetime aftercare, a 60 day money back guarantee* and a manufacturers warranty of between 2 and 5 years depending on the model you choose.
    • With hearing aids we offer a 'price match promise'*
    *See aftercare page for details
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